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Composition and properties of existing refrigerants

Composition and properties of existing refrigerants
Refrigerant Types
Technical Characteristics of Refrigerant Gases
R22M, as easy replacement of R22 in existing a/c systems. Thiew product is “ODP 0” HFC solutions, compatible with commonly used lubricants. R22M is the product of choice for air-conditioning systems operating at evaporation temperatures above 0 °C
HFC 407C replaces R22 in air conditioning systems and water chillers for temperature ranges from -40°C up to 10°C.
A blend of R-32 and R-125 that nearly forms an azeotrope, which means it has extremely low temperature glide and almost no fractionation potential. This blend has about 60% higher pressure than R-22 in air conditioning applications, and therefore should be used only in new equipment specifically designed to handle the pressure...Read more
Refrigerant Gas R404A is a colorless odorless mixture of three hydrofluorocarbon compounds in near-azeotropic proportions. Azeotropic mixtures have sharp boiling points instead of boiling over a range of temperatures, which is the case with most mixtures. Bp (at 1 atm) -46.5°C.
R-422D is a low and medium temperature retrofit blend for R-22 refrigeration and air conditioning systems. With properties very similar to R-22, components such as TXVs do not need to be changed. In most cases there will also be no need for an oil change, making R-422D the most economical retrofit solution for R-22 refrigeration systems.
R-422A is a low temperature retrofit blend with properties very similar to R-404A. It can directly replace R-502, R-402A/B, R-408A, R-404A and R-507. R-22 low-temp systems can also be retrofitted to R-422A with some component changes (TXVs, for example).
A blend of R-125, R-134a and R-600 (butane), intended for retrofitting R-22 air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Runs slightly lower suction pressure and lower discharge pressure than R-22.
Since the phaseout of R-12, R-134a has grown to become the standard refrigerant choice for household appliances, small self-contained refrigeration units, very large chillers, and automotive air conditioning. It is also a component in many refrigerant blends on the market. R-134a is an HFC refrigerant, which requires polyolester (POE) lubricant to be used in the compressor.
An azeotropic blend of R-125 and R-143a intended for low and medium temperature refrigeration systems. Similar to R-404A in operation, most new equipment has been rated to use either blend. There will be slightly higher pressures and capacity with R-507 compared to R-404A
R-413A is a Zeotropic CCl2F2 C2H2F4 blend of R134a, R218 & R600a. It has a toxicity profile similar to R134a. Both capacity and efficiency of R-413A are similar to R12 under most conditions of use. It is non flammable.
R427A is a blend of HFC refrigerants designed to retrofit R22 installations. R22 is a HCFC and therefore is been phased out. R427A offers similar performance to R22 usually without any need for modification to the existing R22 installation. It can be used to retrofit low temperature refrigeration equipment and air conditioning installations. It is non toxic and non flammable meeting the highest A1/A1 classification.

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