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Spray Νο 561 for Bumpers
Spray Νο 561 for Bumpers
Colors specifically for car bumpers and generally for hard plastic surfaces.
They have excellent adhesion, not broken, withstanding the stresses and damage
from gravel and are the ideal solution for restoring and painting of damaged bumpers,
spoiler, etc. Use any hard plastic, except for teflon and polypropylene.
Makes the surface satin finish.
VAT 24% not included € 5.58
Spray Νο 205 contact cleaner
Spray Νο 205 contact cleaner
Colorless top quality cleaning fluid for electrical and electronic components.
Removes dust, traces of oil and fingerprints, leaving no residue.
Do not use when the appliance is switched on.
VAT 24% not included € 3.50
Spray P.O. 208, antirust
Spray P.O. 208, antirust
400mlDeep-acting anti-rust lubricant spray. Its special formulation allows it to penetrate the surface
of any material to eliminate moisture and rust. Fast, simple and complete lubrication
for any metal surface ensures perfect operating results. Can also be used for starting wet engines,
and eliminating dampness from electrical parts such as sparkplug wiring, ignition systems, etc.
Special applicator tube is included in the package.
VAT 24% not included € 2.94
Spray Zinc
Spray Zinc
Cathode rust protection for any metal structure or component. The compound is a good
conductor of electricity and can be used to repair and restore white metals
and hot galvanised surfaces. Suitable for reservoirs and tanks, metal silos,
pipes, car exhausts, railings, trailers, etc.
VAT 24% not included € 5.75
Spray Auto Shine
Spray Auto Shine
Shiny, deodorising, antistatic, protective dashboard spray for use in cars,
lorries, boats, etc. A four-purpose product that leaves no ugly spots
and gives a long-lasting shine.
VAT 24% not included € 3.22
Spray High Heat
Spray High Heat
Made from special heat-resistant resins and pigments, and laboratory-proven
to be number one in their category. Suitable for use on surfaces where temperatures
may reach as high as 700°C, but not for surfaces exposed to direct flames. Their unique properties
make them ideal for applications like car and motorcycle exhausts, stoves, grills, fireplace trim, etc.
Available in 4 colors.
VAT 24% not included € 5.70
Silicon lube Spray
Silicon lube Spray
Advanced silicon-based lubricant for all sliding surfaces. Also protects
against moisture and corrosion, creating a transparent protective film.
Use wherever there is grinding or friction, and to waterproof engines,
electrical systems, firearms, etc. This is the only lubricant suitable
for use with all materials, including plastic, metal and wood.
VAT 24% not included € 3.97

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