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Shaded pole motors,Motor blades, guard grilles

Motors ELCO & EBM 5-34W
Motors ELCO & EBM 5-34W
-The external rotor motor which is available in both AC and brushless DC versions provides the best performance and most reliable operation for most applications.
-More effective cooling improves reliability and extends the life of the motor
-Motor efficiency and size/output relationships are better than with induction-type motors.
-Models in 5W, 7-8W, 10W, 16W, 25W, 34W
-Origin Europe
ELCO PVC 1W-MOTORS with guard
-model 4032002/MA58
Fan Blades
Fan blades that blows - (B), or that suck - (S), diameter Φ15, Φ17, Φ20, Φ23, Φ25 in 28 or 22 bent.
-They are applied in the motor with screw and are stabilised with special white plastic ring.
-Fan blades with navel Φ30, Φ35, Φ40, Φ45, Φ50, Φ60, Φ65.
-They are applied in the motor with screw Allen
-Origin Europe and China
Fan grilles, fan guards
-Protective metal fan guards in red or black colour, galiber from Φ30-Φ65.
-Plastic fan guards, half circle for small galibers Φ20-Φ25.
-With 4 points of support with screws.
-Origin Greece.

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