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Valuable informations about:
Valuable informations about:
•System design
•Connecting up the installation
•Electrical safety standards
•Have a closer approach to the activities of TECUMSEH, your favorite compressors and condensing units manufacturer,
•Take a look on the factories worldwide,
on figures and product categories of the most popular manufacturer of compressors an condensing units..
Tecumseh AE2 next generation compressor, designed for optimal performance with R290
Tecumseh AE2 next generation compressor, designed for optimal performance with R290
While the new Tecumseh AE2 will support traditional HFC refrigerants – R134a and R404A, it is also optimized for hydrocarbon refrigerants – R290 (propane) and R600a (isobutene).
This is especially important, since hydrocarbon refrigerants are expected to be authorized for use in commercial and residential applications in the near future, due to approval of the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Hydrocarbon refrigerants have been adopted by all major household refrigerator manufacturers in Europe and many European commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers have also initiated the move to hydrocarbons.
Through its product development efforts, Tecumseh leads the move to hydrocarbons and India will benefit from these initiatives.
Learn about the New Compressors Series AE/TP/TW by TECUMSEH
  • Tecumseh promotes a new compressors Series by developing the product's capacity ,reducing consumption and distributes low prices
  • Watch the product's presentation
  • Watch the related video
  • The new Stream range, new ground-breaking air conditioning and refrigeration technologies by Copeland.
    Semi-Hermetic DWM COPELAND
    •Semi-Hermetic compressors type D.W.M. COPELAND
    •Models from 1/2ΗΡ to 80ΗΡ,
    Compressors DWM COPELAND Scroll
    •The scroll compressors are considered the most durable of all compressors
    •Their spiral mechanism is replacing the traditional pistons
    •Applications for: HBP, Air conditioning and LBP
    New:LUNITE is lanching Scroll Compressors
    •Tecumseh — presented innovative scroll technology.
    •In 2009 Tecumseh Europe will be launching VSA, a range of 12 compressors and 12 air-cooled condensing units using scroll technology for high and low backpressure commercial refrigeration applications using R404A.
    •The Vsa range is made for the following applications:display cabinets, professional kitchens and restaurants.
    Hermetic compressors
    • The most popular and widly applied compressor category:
    • Hermetique type compressors, for domestic/commercial/air-conditioning market
    • For applications with refrigerants R22/R404A/R134a/R407C
  • AE, the New Platform for AE/TP/TW Compressors, see more....
  • Innovative Products: compressors for Propane R290, read more..
  • R600, R290 Compressors
    Directly avalaible R600, R290 compressors now at our outlets.
    Ask your specification in one of our outlets...
    FRASCOLD Screw types & Open type compressors
  • Models available on request.
  • Contact us for any inquiry...
  •   Thermo king type reefrigerated transport
  • Open type compressors for Thermo king type reefrigerated transport
  • Available in two types for -5C / -35C (see adobe file). .
  • 12-24V BD Compressors Danfoss
    •Models Danfoss BD of variable speed with electronic plate
    •Suitable mainly for applications in vehicles: ships, trucks, caravans
    •With factory setting rotation (2000-3500 rpm.) the cooling output of compressor depends from the setting rotation.
    •Models of bigger output BD35F, BD50F, BD80F and BD150F with inverter
    Automotive compressors:             Sanden & York
  • Sanden,SD SERIES Compressors
  • Sanden's fixed displacement "wobble plate" compressors.
  • Models are available in fixed and variable displacement types.
  • Compressors MASTERFLUX 12-24-42VDC
    •Variable speed hermetic compressors for the automotive industry
    •Masterflux family of compressors are up to 40% smaller and lighter than competing belt driven DC automotive compressors.
    •Suitable mainly for applications in mash transit market (Rail, Buses)also for other
    vehicles: ships, trucks, caravans
    •Medical and scientific cooling/heating requirements_SIERRA line compressors have a proven track record for holding temperatures of +/-0.1 degrees F.
    •Solution for DC systems running on solar, battery, or other off-grid power sources
    •Designed to maintain chips at ambient to cryogenic temperatures..
    •Masterflux technology can be found in military applications from the use of chiller technology for cooling a soldier to powering thermal systems for electronic cooling.
    •Range available to handle input voltages of 12 to 420 VDC...
    Compressors Rotary R22, R407C,R410
    •Νew: Horizontal Rotary Compressors "L'UNITE Hermetique".
    •European Compressors Rotary,
    •for all capacities staring from 9000BTU/h up to 28000BTU/h...

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