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Under construction
-Door Heaters
-Drainage heaters
-Ptc heaters
-all kind of Heaters on request
Safety valves
- They protect the cooling circuits from high pressure
- They are activated in predetermined pressure
- Manufactured according to European directive PDE
- Origin Europe
Valves,Ball Valves, Rotalocks, Condensing Unit Valves,Piercing valves
-Ball Valves
-Rotalock Valves
-Condensing unit Valves
-Piercing Valves
Check -Valves
-Τhey function with all cooling liquids
-Solder type forged brass body.
-The valve ensure only correct flow direction
-Origin Europe
Evaporators-Unit Coolers and Condensers
Commercial and Industrial application unit coolers and Evaporators
Oil separators
-Separator's fuction is to help refrigeration and air conditioning systems operate more efficiently and save energy.
-The oil separator separates the oil from the refrigerant and returns it to the compressor crank-case before it can enter other components of the system.
-Safe working pressure -450psig
- Certified base of Community Directive PED97/2EC with regard to pressures.
- Origin Taiwan.
Heat -Exchangers, Plate Heat Exchangers
-Offers the complete line of strong constrction of suction accumulators which provide you with the largest capacity of protection against rust. -All heat exchanger-Suction accumulators are complete with RR362 fusible plug installed. -With output from 2.000-100.000kcal/h.
-Origin Europe.
Vibration Eliminators, Thermoplastic tubes, Antivabration pads
-Vibration Eliminators
-Thermoplastic tubes
-Antivabration pads
EBM : GreenTech EC Technology Fans
Energy Saving Motors & Fans for Refrigeration Applications Elco & Ebm
  • Technologically advanced product with remarkable performance, compared to motors with similar dimensions and capacity.
  • Low consumption Motors,
  • High efficiency (up to 70%) & low working temperature
  • The ECM motor is widely used in industrial and commercial refrigeration for condensing and evaporating units, food and beverage coolers, freezers, supermarket display cases, walk-ins and reach-ins.
    LAMEL France "COMPACT"
    Shaded pole motors,Motor blades, guard grilles
    -ELCO motors 5W-34W
    -Ebm motors 5W-34W
    -Asian origin certified motors 5W-34W
    Centrifugal Motors, Blowers 12Χ12x3.8cm, A/C Motors
    -Centrifugal Motors EMMEVI
    -No frost & Compressor Motors EMMEVI
    -Blowers PAPST 4656 (12Χ12cm)
    -2Axes& 1Axe A/C Motors
    Hinges, Latches
    Roll bond aluminum evaporators
    -Table with models
    -Wide range of sizes
    -Origin China & Europe
    Filter driers
    Ceramic Filter driers
    Cartridge Filter Driers
    Moisture indicators, Sight glasses
    Traditional moisture indicator have been brass based products which require the use of gaskets to establish the seal between the body and the glass. The MIA series utilises pioneering manufactures techniques to provide a fully hermetic product without the use of any gaskets.
    Receivers, Accumulators, Mufflers
    -Accumulators+heat exchangers
    -Brass Unions
    -Brass Tee
    -Brass Crosses
    -Nuts, Swivel Nuts

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