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Accumulator + heat exchanger

Accumulator + heat exchanger
Refrigerant must evaporate completely before it flows into compressor in the air-conditioning system. To avoid liquid compressed is to sepqrate liquid refrigerant from gasify refrigerant, and to have only gasify refrigerant flow into compressor. In the meantime, to have the liquid refrigerant evaporate in the bucket before it flows into compressor, the oil that left in the circulation will be led back to compressor through the return vent installed in separaotr. The utility of compressor will be more durable under the protection of separator.
Refrigerant accumulators are applicable to jumbo machine sets, water accessory set or the special designed. The usage is the same as average vertical refrigerant accumulators, and also, specific designation of this series products is also under request to match other brands. Cylinder and caliber can be adjusted accordingly.
                             ACCUMULATOR + HEAT EXCHANGER
There are both high-tension and low-tension refrigerants in the air-conditioning system. The high-tension refrigerant with higher temperature needs to cool through refrigeration; and the low-tension refrigerant with lower temperature needs to separate liquid and gasify refrigerant by the separator; and also, liquid refrigerant needs time and temperature to evaporate and to be gasified before flowing into compressor to avoid liquid compressed.
The function of exchanger is to gather the above mentioned refrigerants in one container, and to balance the temperature of both refrigerants under the principle of heat conduction. The effciency of whole system can achieve the best cooling effect through this reciprocal heat interaction.

Low Size
High Size
Length B
In & Out
Length C
( )
SAV-2404 1/2 3/8 4 8.47 1.37 1.39
SAV-2405 5/8 3/8 10.83 1.37 1.90
SAV-2406 3/4 1/2 5.5 10.24 1.57 3.50
SAV-2407 7/8 1/2 12.60 1.57 4.36
SAV-2411 1 1/8 5/8 6.5 15.57 1.77 7.40
SAV-2413 1 3/8 3/4 20.87 2.16 9.90
SAV-2415 1 5/8 7/8 22.84 2.16 10.90
*Size: inch. 1 inch=2.54cm

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