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Helional Buffer Tanks

Helional Buffer Tanks

Buffer tanks


How do they work..

Buffer tanks are separating the energy provision and the energy delivery, for example, inert boilers can be operated effectively without having to accept limitations with respect to the use. Also in connection with solar systems, combined heat and power (CHP) systems, and cold water systems reflex ’buffer tanks’ display their strengths.


Buffer tanks are the optimum addition for:

  • Heat Pump Systems: 

Here, they allow an economic operation of the heat pump, in dependent of the current heat demand.

  • Solar Systems: 

The excessive offer of solar energy is stored and is also available for an extended period of time if the sun does not shine.

  • Solid Fuel-Fired Boilers:

In case of an inert heating, a continuous, efficient boiler operation can be ensured.

  • CHP units:

The waste heat that is generated during the electric energy creation is stored and is available for delivery during heat load peaks.

  • Heating and Cooling Systems:

For covering and protecting demand peaks

Functional Principle:

 Buffer tanks work according to the principle of the stratified storage and act as a ‘’heat battery“. A buffer tank can separate the heat generation and the heat consumption based on the time or hydraulically. This allows an optimum adjustment of heat generation and heat consumption. Three upper connections for the charge and discharge lines and two bottom connections for the return lines from the heat consumer or to the heat generator allow flexible switching and connection variants. Of course, this functional principle can be transferred to cold water systems

HSS Series
TT Combi Series
TT Combi Series
Tank in Tank
Buffer & DHW
Tmax Series from HELIONAL
Tmax Series
For Heat Pumps
  • Stainless steel 316L INOX
  • Water Heaters

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