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Midea commercial air-conditioning VRF systems

Midea commercial air-conditioning VRF systems


Contact us for further details and enquiries
Tel number: ++30 2310 236321

Key Features of Midea VRF systems:


  •  Wide Product Range - Includes DC inverter heat recovery series, DC inverter smart series and DC inverter smart series (individual).  
    5 basic models, 8/10/12/14/16 Hp, Max. 4 in combination up to 64Hp. Max 64 indoor units can be connected with the outdoor units in one system. Total capacity of indoor units can be up to 130% of outdoor units.

  • Wide Adjustment range - high level and human nature design.  Midea DC inverter A/C can create perfect living conditions
  • Adopt DC Inverter Technology - Energy saving


  • Flexible Combination a. select the best indoor unit to match the room requirement and design needs.  We have over 10 types of indoor units to choose from, including 4 way cassette, ducted, ceiling concealed, floor standing and wall mounted.


  • Long Pipe, Width Height Difference - Digital Scroll system is the only system that is free of oil separator and oil recycling equipment. In the loading status, the speed of the refrigerant is enough to move oil back to the compressor. In the unloading status, no refrigerant pump out, no oil out of compressor.


  • Network Control System



  • Modular Design - wide capacity range

Midea V4 Side discharge VRF outdoor units
Midea proudly introduces the V4 Plus VRF product,which is designed to optimize performance and better match varieties of application requirement. The capacity of side discharge type is from 20kW to 45kW.
Midea VRF System MDV-D450W/N1
Midea VRF System MDV-D450W/N1
Midea VRF System MDV-D450W R410A, 45.0/47.0 Kw
VAT 24% not included € 0.00

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